Altes Aluminium Limited Company was established in February 1976 in Ankara, and have started as a small workshop in Siteler / Ankara. This small factory has grown rapidly over the years, engaged in the business internationally and become a known façade cladding company. Administrative headquarters and production line moved to a near location of ASO 2. Organized Industrial Zone Ankara / Temelli in 2009 and continues here still in service.

Our company has a newly configured factory of 4500m2 Closed, 5000m2 Open production area and continues to serve with 250 employees.


Altes Aluminium Company Limited ‘s primary objective is to design the three main expectations of customers, the timing and price to meet the most appropriate way.

All staff and business managers are trained to work with a focus on customer satisfaction. Environmental awareness and legal expectations, safety and health of workers is another priority for our company. In short, quality, for issues of customer satisfaction and environmental awareness we must think and move global.


Altes Aluminium Limited Company, annually 250.000 mt of steel construction, 150.000 m² of facade and glass, 100.000 m² of aluminum paneling design works, design, manufacturing and assembly teams are working with 250 specialist staff.

All these above-mentioned fabrication and assembly works (in our factory and assembly areas) are made with high quality semi and fully automatic processing machines and tools. The quality and reliability of work performed is our company principle and in the fabrication and assembly process stages our employees are meticulously handle the products.

Hoping to serve you for many more years